Behind the Scenes


I have been very influenced by Buddhism.  One of the major tenets of Buddhism is compassion for your fellow human beings and animals.  There is also the idea of impermanence where everything is in constant flux.  Things live and then they die.  These are some of these fundamental principles that we learn in life.

Being in monasteries and religious places is enriching and you can learn a lot. Being in a place, like Tibet, Burma, Laos, or Thailand has allowed me to witness how people live.  It’s something that you have to experience yourself.  To see their lives, in person, creates a calm or serenity that pervades the environment.
Buddhism to me is a very sensible, intelligent and interesting way of living and seeing the world. To me, I think it’s the way we should all be. It doesn’t matter what you are, but I think the idea of compassion is something we should all aspire to.
There is something deeply appealing about Buddhist countries. I am endlessly intrigued by the way the monks live, by the way Buddhist philosophy emphasizes compassion, as well as by the iconography. The ethics and the aesthetics of Buddhism are melded in a unique way.
When I’m travelling in these countries, I’m very much in the moment and experiencing what’s around--the smells, what things look like, the people in the street and how they’re dressed. Your senses are heightened in some way. When I’m home, my mind is somewhere else and it’s not in the here and now. Whereas when I’m over there, my mind is more free and I’m more in the moment.