Let Steve McCurry Take You to India

India features a range of color pictures illustrating this most colorful of countries, capturing the lives of everyday people in extraordinary settings. Of its 140 photographs, 48 are previously unseen and hand-picked from the Magnum photographer’s huge personal archive. These vary from street scenes in Kolkata, socialites in Mumbai, shepherds in Kashmir and Hindu devotees immersing statues of Ganesh in the sea off Chowpatty Beach.

Behind Closed Doors

Steve McCurry traveled to Indonesia, Nepal and the Philippines to photograph domestic workers who endured a myriad of abuses while working for families elsewhere in Asia and the Middle East.

The People and Portraits of Steve McCurry

"It all comes down to the eyes. I always want my subjects to be looking directly into my lens. That has become a kind of style, I guess; a way of shooting and a way of seeing."

American Seeks to Preserve Storied Afghan Past

Nancy Hatch Dupree's lifelong mission to preserve the rich cultural heritage of an ancient land.